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Hog Killin' Time Barbecue 2005 Article 
BBQ Group Photo from 2004 


 Barbecue was November 12, 2005  

[Note:  Somehow in all the activities last year, we didn't get a usable copy of the entire group photo. That's why you see the 2004 group shot above. We would appreciate anyone with a good group shot from 2005 to contact us, or just email a copy to us at Thanks.]

The aroma of oak and hickory smoke, blended with that of roasting pig, greeted guests as they arrived at the Smuteye home of Major and Margaret Cox for their 16th Annual Hog Killin' Time Barbecue. It was a perfect day to be in the country for this annual event - cool enough for a bonfire, but warm enough to go without a jacket.

Major's great grandfather started the Hog Killin' Time Barbecue tradition early in the last century. Then, this annual gathering provided him an opportunity to identify the workers that would help him harvest his fields of cotton. Today, the Coxes host this event to celebrate Major's birthday (this is his sixty-fifth) and to celebrate friendship in this very diverse group.

This year's Hog Roasting Team tended the roasting pig all night on Friday. The team included Wayne Jones, head hog roaster, Velma Cousins from North Carolina, Ron Cox, Major's grandson from Cincinnati, Greer Geiger, who recently relocated her medical practice from Birmingham to San Francisco, and neighbors, Joe Walker, Napoleon Rodgers, and John Cox.

The feast, held Saturday, included guests from all over who helped make chili in the 80 gallon cast iron pot and grill chicken and hot dogs for early arrivals. The roasted pig arrived with an GroupShot Set Up by Greer Geigerapple in its mouth, spread upon a large platter (formally a Gulf sign) on a trailer pulled by a tractor, in the traditional Pork Procession.

Guests included Mike and Anita Sherman, Charles 'Chick' Cleveland, John and Mattie Lindsey (Hattiesburg, Miss.), Johnnie Carr, Leon Martin, Harris Cornett, Richard Cohen and sons; Sam and Alex, Jon and Judith Broadway, Larry and Marge Grewelle with friends from India, Sadie Penn, Paul and Chris Woolley, Jake and Judy Wagnon, Salvador and Young Gray with friends, Shinichi and Saeko Kaneko from Japan, Sharon and daughter Brittany Dunn, Kumi Yang, Tom Chalfant, Dot Moore, Lew and Tess Ware with friends, Jean-Luc and Christelle Taquet from France, Dede Harbin, Gregory and Debra Griffin, Frank and Rose Winkler, Frederick Williams, Jay Lewis, Jim and Sue Binion and son, Reid, David and LaDonna Brendle with Lauren and Lawson, Tom and daughter, Sierra, Stansell (Birmingham), Mary Lee Stapp, Consuella Smith (New Orleans), Anne Caughman (New Orleans), Lacy and Argonia Ward, Doris Oliveira, Pebblin Warren, Robert and JoAnn Pearson, Ron Smith, Art and Valeria Harman, Jane Cheeks and Shane Wilson.

Bullock County family and neighbors included: Vincent and Johnnie Cox, Alfredo and Catherine Cox, Wilbert and Margaret Jernigan and children; Jefferson, Nicolas, Mack and Estella Jernigan, Sherrod and Sharon Hixon, Linsie Pride, Ira Cox, Linda Rumph, George and Ruth Jenkins, and Napoleon and Edith Rodgers.










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