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 Barbecue was November 13, 2004  

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DATELINE NOVEMBER 13, 2004 - SMUTEYE, ALABAMA -- Major and Margaret Cox's Annual Hog Killin' Time Barbecue in Smuteye, Alabama was a great success. This year marked the 15th anniversary of the first gathering. Guests arrived to find a new arrangement of the traditional feasting site and a bonfire to compliment the hint of winter in the cool November air.

Major's two grandchildren, Ron Cox and Kristy Cox, helped host the event. They drove from their home in Cincinnati, Ohio with their friend, Sonja Morissette.

Wayne Jones and Suzette Taylor led the team of pig roasters that included John D. Cox, Ira Cox and Napoleon Rogers. During the 14-hour cook that started Friday evening, hickory and oak logs were burned in a fire to make the coals to place under the roasting pig.

On Saturday, Margaret fired up the 80-gallon cauldron to make outdoor chili and may have finally perfected her secret recipe. David Harwood pitched in to concoct the steaming stew. The chili was served, straight, with cheese and chips and with hot dogs, grilled by Larry Grewelle. Annette Reid headed the crew at the hors' doeuvres table, huddled around the radio listening to the Auburn game.

Donald and Ursula Nolte came with seven members of the band, MaxxBrass; Sena Thibideaux Bird, Bo Jessop, Steve Schwalbe, Kenn Todorov, Don Jack and Walt Hines. They played and entertained the crowd. Susan Harwood, a guest at the feast, graciously sang a few songs as the band played, including the Beatles song, When I'm Sixty-Four, for Major, in recognition of his 64th birthday on Friday and Happy Birthday for Chick Cleveland who celebrated his 77th birthday on Saturday.

The band created a special musical presentation for the traditional pork procession. It included a medley of the Wedding March, Pomp and Circumstance, and the Hallelujah chorus. Guests escorted and greeted the arrival of the pig. A team of carvers, Mike Sherman, Ken Hare and new carver, Ron Cox, prepared the pig while the group gathered for the traditional photo under the hog killin' oak. The huge feast of roast pork and an array of vegetables, salads, and desserts, many personally prepared by guests, followed. After dinner, Alan and Joan Hackel entertained kids of all ages with s'mores around the bonfire.

Guests from Montgomery included Mike and Anita Sherman, Annette Reid, Charles 'Chick' Cleveland, Richard Cohen and his sons; Sam and Alex, Harris and Camille Cornett, Judith Meadows, Jon Broadway, Beverly Ross, Morris and daughter Lauren Woodward, Larry and Marge Grewelle, Wanda and Willie Lloyd, Ken and Julie Hare, Bill and Adelaide Brown, Chris and Paul Woolly, Jake and Judy Wagnon, Salvador and Young Gray, Sharon and daughter Brittany Dunn, David and Xan Morrow, Richard Bailey, Louisa Weinrib, Tom Chalfant, Alan and Joan Hackel, Dot Moore, Chuck and Barbara Pate, Lew and Tess Ware, Dede Harbin, Gregory and Debra Griffin, Malcolm and Jeannine Carmichael, Henrietta MacGuire, Frank and Rose Winkler, Glinda Perkins and daughter Jazmyne Reed, Chris and Jamie Gelhaus, Frederick Williams, Kim and Juleen VanHunnik, Jim and Rebecca Keene.

Bullock County guests included: John McGowan, Margaret Jernigan, Jefferson Jernigan, Estella Jernigan, Colleen Forrer, Sherrod and Sharon Hixon, W.L. Robbins, Alfredo and Catherine Cox, John D. Cox, Lindsey Pride, George and Ruth Jenkins.

Guests from beyond Alabama: Robert and Joyce Jones came from Dayton, Ohio, Robert played his new CD, Back to Smuteye, while the band rested. Anderson and Mandy Scott arrived from Atlanta with their children, Amanda and Anderson and their famous camera. John and Mattie Lindsey and their sons, John Jr. and Michael arrived Friday from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.



The article as it appeared in the Montgomery Advertiser in November 2004.

Family holds annual Smuteye celebration
The MaxxBrass Band entertained at the 15th Annual Hog Killin' Time Barbecue, a fall pig roasting and gathering hosted by Margaret and Major Cox at the family's homestead plantation in Smuteye.
This year Major's grandchildren, Kristy and Ron Cox of Cincinnati, co-hosted the event, which featured a roaring bonfire to complement the hint of winter in the cool November air.
Sonja Morissette arrived from Ohio with her Cox family friends for a bit of Southern hospitality over the family's celebratory weekend.
Wayne Jones and Suzette Taylor led the team of pig roasters, which also included John D. Cox, Ira Cox and Napoleon Rogers, who supported the 14-hour cook, which began Friday night.
Margaret fired up the 80-gallon cauldron on Saturday to make outdoor chili using her secret recipe. David Harwood pitched in to concoct a steamy stew, while Larry Grewelle grilled hot dogs. Annette Reid served as head of the crew at the table set with hors d'oeuvres, as guests huddled around a radio listening to the play-by-play of the Auburn football game.
Susan Harwood graciously paid tribute to Major's and Charles "Chick" Cleveland's weekend birthdays with her rendition of the Beatles tune, "When I'm Sixty-Four."
Ursula Nolte was there with her husband Don, a MaxxBrass band member, who along with Sena Thibideaux Bird, Bo Jessop, Steve Schwalbe, Kenn Todorov, Don Jack and Walt Hines created a special musical presentation for the traditional pork presentation.
Mike Sherman, there with his wife, Anita, performed carving duties with Ken Hare and Ron Cox as guests enjoyed an afternoon feast which included an array of vegetables, salads and desserts -- many personally prepared by guests. And afterwards Joan and Alan Hackel delighted young and old alike with s'mores around the campfire.
Robert Jones of Dayton, Ohio traveled to the pork fest with his wife, Joyce, and played his new CD, "Back to Smuteye," during the band's intermission. Mandy and Anderson Scott of Atlanta and Mattie and John Lindsey of Hattiesburg, Miss., joined arrivals from Montgomery for the event, including Richard Cohen, Henrietta MacGuire, Camille, Harris, Sam and Alex Cornett, Richard Bailey, Tess and Lew Ware, Dot Moore, Barbara and Chuck Pate, Dede Harbin, Judith Meadows, Jon Broadway, Beverly Ross, and Morris Woodward and his daughter, Lauren.
Marge Grewelle, Julie Hare, Adelaide and Bill Brown, Chris and Paul Woolly, Judy and Jake Wagnon, Young and Salvador Gray, Sharon Dunn and her daughter, Brittany, Xan and David Morrow, Louisa Weinrib, Tom Chalfant, Joan and Alan Hackel, Debra and Gregory Griffin, Jeannine and Malcolm Carmichael, Rose and Frank Winkler, Glinda Perkins and her daughter, Jazmyne, Jamie and Chris Gelhaus, Frederick Williams, Juleen and Kim VanHunnik, and Rebecca and Jim Keene were also there.
Bullock County guests included John McGowan, Margaret, Estrella and Jefferson Jernigan, Colleen Forrer, Sharon and Sherrod Hixon, W.L. Robbins, Catherine and Alfredo Cox, Lindsey Pride and Ruth and George Jenkins.









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