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     VOLUME 14,  ISSUE 2           

BARBECUE of NOVEMBER 1, 2003     


Family gathers for fall weekend

With perfect weather for a November outdoor weekend of fun, more than 175 guests arrived in Smuteye from around the country to attend the 14th annual Hog Killin' Time Barbecue. Major and Margaret Meier de Cox have continued the tradition over the years for the fall gathering of friends to share food and friendship during this whole-hog barbecue at their Bullock County Farm.

Major's great-grandfather started the tradition early in the last century. Today, the Coxes host this event to celebrate Major's birthday. For the fall weekend of outdoor fun, guests were invited to show up on Friday evening as the roasting commenced, to be among the brave souls who spent the night camped around the hickory and oak bonfire that produces coals for the pit. Others, not so brave, arrived at noon on Saturday to enjoy the great food and fun-filled autumn activities.

Special guests this year included Ron Sutherland, Major's company commander during their time together with the 23rd MP Company in Vietnam, who arrived from his home in North Carolina for the birthday weekend. It was a reunion of sorts for the company, as B.J. Crowley also arrived from his home in Ft. Lauderdale. Crowley's son, Benjamin, also made the trip to attend the feast, as did Lionel Mason, Major's cousin from Virginia.

Greer Geiger and her friend, Jay Davis, arrived early from Birmingham and assisted Wayne Jones, captain of the pig-roasting team, and his friend, Suzette Taylor, with the roasting. For his third visit, Dalton Kuder returned from Corpus Christi, Texas with his wife, Robin Moore, with all the gear necessary to barbecue a second, smaller Puerto Rican-style pig, in addition to the traditional Alabama-style pig. Neighbors who pitched in to cook and make the feast possible included Catherine and Alfreado Cox, Edith and Napoleon Rodgers, and John Cox.

Others joining in the festivities around Margaret's steaming cauldron of spicy chili included Linsie Pride, Sharon and Sherron Nixon, Ira Cox, W.L. Robbins and Union Springs Mayor Earl Hinson and his wife, Patsy, and their daughter, Ashley.

New Orleans arrivals Anne Caughman and Consuela Smith joined several Montgomery-area guests, including Johnnie and Arlam Carr, Sadie Penn, Ursula and Don Nolte, and Chris and Paul Woolley. Tess and Lew Ware, Thad McClammy, Jim Hodgson, Henrietta McGuire, Doris Oliviera, Cathy and Jim Connley, Barbara and Chuck Pate, Gerry and Leon Ligon, Dot Moore and Dedee Harbin joined Ann and Bob Little, Faye Outsey, Richardo Hall, Sharron Dunn and her daughter, Brittany, Jim Hodgson, Debra and Greg Griffin, Tom Chalfant, Cheryl and Don Bogie, Deborah and Glynn Clark and Joan and Alan Hackel for the birthday festivities. Ann Oldham came with her sons, Jason and Jalen Thompson, and her father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. G.P. Oldham of Tuskegee.

Deborah Hayes Moore writes about social and community events for the Montgomery Advertiser. She can be reached by fax at (334) 288-6404.

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