Margaret & Major carve the barbecued pig


We remember our friends and family who are no longer with us. Our lives are richer for their presence.



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Hog Killin' TreeSMUTEYE – Years ago, who would have thought that an impromptu Halloween party spending the night outside around a bonfire would turn into an annual tradition?

It has become our pre-Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family. It’s a get-together with a wide variety of interesting people. We say people, not guests, because everyone brings something special and pitches in to make this a truly special event. We couldn’t do it otherwise.

More importantly, we love bringing our friends from all over together and have them meet and become friends with each other as well. This intermingling of the facets of our lives is what has kept us (and probably you too) coming back for more each year.

So here we go again!

It is time to celebrate the beginning of Hog Killin' Time at the Cox Plantation.

Wilber Arnold Cox
Our Mascot

The original event began early last century when Major's great grandfather, also named Major, established the Hog Killin' Time Barbecue to celebrate his grandson, Charles' August birthday. He would invite local farm workers and use the feast to recruit some of them to help harvest his cotton crop. Today, we continue the tradition with our fall gathering of friends to share food and friendship.

Over the years, several thousand people have trekked to this barbecue at the Cox Plantation.

We have been fortunate to have our dearest friends join us and to make new friends from around the world. Plan to spend an afternoon enjoying friends and eating great food. As in the past, the property will be open for hiking.

Roasting will start Friday evening and will take approximately 14 hours. You are invited to bring your camping gear and join the brave souls who will spend the night camped around the hickory and oak bonfire that produces coals for the pit.
Let us know early if you would like to camp overnight!

We'll open the gates and begin the hospitality around 11:00 am Saturday morning when Margaret will fire-up her 80-gallon iron caldron to create her Fabulous, Four-alarm, Forty-gallon chili. Guests are invited to bring salads, vegetables, desserts, and beverages to add to the banquet.
The Pork Procession, followed immediately by the traditional photo and feast, will take place at 2:00 pm on Saturday. We will light the bonfire as soon as temperatures allow.

We will have peanuts and apples to feed the horses and Wilbur will return as a special guest.

Be sure to bring your appetite, wear comfortable shoes and leave your pets and politics at home, please.




Saturday, Nov 8, 2014
Cox Plantation, Smuteye
Gates open-11:00 am
Pork Procession-2:00 pm
with group photo immediately afterward
Please let us know if you can join us!
By Nov 3, 2014
Phone: (334) 474-3271
Mail: 2530 Smuteye Rd
Banks AL 36005
Online below:
Day of Event Telephone: 

We are always short of seats, so if you have an "easy to tote" folding chair... bring it along!


2013 BBQ




Driving directions are on the invitation.
If you need additional information or a map,
let us know at